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Five Famous Treks in Leh Ladakh – Perfect for Trekking Enthusiasts!!

TravelCraft | 25 Sep 2018Total Views : 575
Five Famous Treks in Leh Ladakh – Perfect for Trekking Enthusiasts!!

1.Chadar Trek

During sub-zero temperatures during winters, the Zanskar river transforms into a sheet of frozen ice. The trekking opportunity presented by it is called the Chadar frozen river trek. The route covered by this trek connects villages in the Zanskar Valley with Chilling along the frozen Zanskar River. Walking over the lake, one gets the feeling of one’s feet sliding over the icy ground.

The immediate surrounding sights like frozen streams and icy glaciers, really has a captivating effect on the mind. Although most of the trekking here is done on a frozen riverbed, there are points when one is required to scale icy rocks as well.

2.Stok Kangri Trek

One of the most popular trekking routes of Ladakh is the Stok Kangri Trek, and is a favorite with professional trekkers. With an altitude extending beyond 6000m, one does require professional expertise to undertake such a difficult trek. The entire route is accompanied by complete tranquility, as most of the surroundings are completely deserted.

The peaks and glaciers enveloping the Stok Kangri Trek provide breathtaking views to the trekker. The route to the top is as adventurous as it is beautiful. From the Stok Kangri peak, one is able to get astounding views of the Karakoram Range to the North and the Zanskar Range to the South.

3.Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley Trek presents the contrasting colors of nature to the individual trekking its amazing terrain, and is counted amongst the famous trekking destinations in Ladakh. This trek is also known as “tea house trek” due to the accommodations which are available in parachute tents at most of the village’s enroute.

All through the way, one is treated to the sight of marvelous landscapes, green oasis, quaint villages, monasteries and the stunning Kongmaru La pass, located at 5000m above sea level. One can find The Hemis National Park situated in this region, which is renowned for its amazing biodiversity.

4.Lamayuru to Darcha Trek

When it comes to the famous trekking routes in Ladakh Valley, none can beat the Lamayuru to Darcha Trek. This trek, which establishes a connectivity with the Zanskar Valley, has endeared itself to numerous trekkers around the globe due to its incredible terrain.

This trek commences from Lamayuru, home to some of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh, and makes its way through amazing passes, quaint villages and silent valleys. Further, during the course of this trek, one also witnesses heavenly views of the Stok and Karakoram ranges.

5.Ripchar Valley Trek

Ripchar Valley Trek, considered to be one of the most scenic trekking routes in Ladakh, commences near the Lamayuru monastery. This is a brilliantly planned trek which provides useful insight into the Ladakhi way of life.

Beautiful rolling pastures, quiet villages and irrigated fields of the Zanskar and Karakoram Range – these are some marvelous sights offered along the way. During the months of July and August, the entire region is carpeted by flowers, thereby becoming a haven for nature lovers. The trek comes to an end in the region of Chilling, an impressively large village, and the only one of its kind to deal in metal works such as bronze, copper etc.

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